Afrikan Black Coalition

The Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) is a California statewide collective of Black college students seeking the liberation of all Afrikan people. We organize the intellectual and economic resources of the Black Community to cultivate Black consciousness, build community leadership, and work to transform the quality of Black lives, both on and off campus. The Afrikan Black Coalition is currently comprised of a base of 15 member campuses or Black Student Unions representing Black students throughout the State. Additionally, the work of ABC is maintained by a team of more than 25 volunteer staff members.

The Afrikan Black Coalition Conference is an annual conference hosted at one of our partner schools during or near Black History Month. The ABC Conference serves over 700 Black students across the State of California. Since its inaugural session in 2003, the forum has continued to be used to address social and political issues facing the community through peer and professional workshops, keynote speakers, and social activities.

ABC 2019 will be hosted by University of California, Merced on MLK, Jr Weekend Jan 18th-21st.

The conference seeks to unify Black students across the state in order to discuss and resolve issues concerning academic policy, campus climate, matriculation from the University, and political education. By bringing together Black Student Unions and Afrikan Student Unions statewide, ABC presents the opportunity for unity in spite of geographical boundaries. Additionally, each conference incorporates a focus on collective imagining for the organization, building student organizational skills, developing pathways for life after college, and connecting students to the larger Black struggle.

As one of the only statewide conferences for Black students, the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference is a vital tool in promoting networking amongst peers, generating positive images of Black students and staff to their campus communities, inspiring innovation in a system that honors hard facts and calculation, and providing an environment where the Black cultural experience is valued. Without doubt, the ABC Conference is one of the most rewarding experiences Black students have during their collegiate years.

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